Ellen and Brian - The Wedding! | Franklin, PA Wedding Photographer

I would love to present the beautiful wedding of Ellen and Brian.  It was perfect day, a perfect location and a perfectly sweet couple.  I truly had a great time being part of their day, everyone made me feel much more like a member of the family, rather than just a photographer.  And that was pretty cool. Ellen and Brian were married at Seneca Hills in Franklin, PA.  It was a location that had a lot of personal meaning to Ellen as she spent a lot of her childhood there.  And I thought that was pretty awesome.  Plus it definitely helped that it was a beautiful location with an endless supply of gorgeous backdrops!

The reception was at the Belle Lettres club in Oil City, PA.  It was a simple and honest and extremely fun party.

I do have to make one comment before I go onto the photos.  I am not one to stage goofy shots, I like photos to truly reflect someone's personality.  But this crowd of bridesmaids and groomsmen and family and friends were crazy fun!  So all of the crazy and goofy and hilarious moments you will see in the portraits were completely initiated and orchestrated by the subjects.  I had NO influence or direction on those shots.  Which, in my opinion is exactly what makes them so absolutely hilarious!!!!

Now…onto the photos!  And make sure you watch the slideshow at the end of the post with more highlights of the day !!!

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