Melissa and Jeremiah | Clarion Pennsylvania Wedding Photography

I am so happy to share this oh-so-unique and wonderful wedding today!! Melissa contacted me this summer with an unique request - she was getting married in Cook Forest, in the woods, on the top of a waterfall on a Tuesday afternoon.  Would I be available and interested?  Um…yeah!!

Melissa and her family are not from this area, but Melissa used to spend time each summer, visiting family, at their cottage along the Clarion River.  She really wanted a simple and beautiful ceremony with only her fiancé, his two boys and her mom.  And she wanted the ceremony at a location in the woods where she used to play as a child - along the waterfall at the site of an old sawmill.

The waterfall was a good hike in the woods, with plenty of mud and rocks along the way - which was definitely a first for me.  But when I saw the location I could see exactly why Melissa had her heart sent on it.  It was breathtaking.

There was a little (a lot??) of worry that this summer of never-ending rain would force the ceremony into the Plan "B" indoor location, but we moved up the ceremony time and literally finished the ceremony and the portraits about 5 minutes before a storm rolled in.  It was perfect.

Thank you so much Melissa and Jeremiah for choosing me as your wedding photographer.  It was such a pleasure to meet and work with you and your family!  I wish you all the best!

Now onto the photos!!!Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0001 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0002 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0003 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0004 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0005 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0006 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0007 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0008 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0009 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0010 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0011 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0012 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0013 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0014Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0016Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0015 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0017 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0018 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0019 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0020 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0021 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0022 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0023 Cook-Forest-Wedding-Clarion-Pennsylvania-Photographer_0024