One of my favorite munchkins!! | Greenville, Pennsylvania Child Photographer

I just have to share some peeks from one of my favorite repeat clients!  I have had the honor of working with this little guy every year since he was just a tiny newborn.  And now he is THREE!?  Yikes!! I just can't believe how fast time flies.  I know that two and three and four year olds are a lot of work and can be challenging, but I am almost in tears when I look back on photos of my own middle schooler when she was this age and just think those were truly some of the best of days and it is just so heartbreaking when you realize they do go by in a blink of an eye.

This was a session we did in late spring (yes my blogging is crazy behind!!).  It was a very warm and beautiful morning and I just loved playing around with sweet Paxton and chatting with his mom.  Thank you Amy - it is always so much fun seeing you and your sweet little boy!!!!

Now onto the photos!

Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0001 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0002 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0003 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0004 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0005 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0006 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0007 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0008 Greenville-Child-Family-Photographer_0009