10 on 10 - The January Edition

January.  The start of a new year.  The month of resolutions and goals and plans.  I claim to never make resolutions, yet then every year, I find myself feeling a bit renewed and anxious to work on projects that I have neglected for way too long.  I also find myself small resolutions on how this year will be different than last. After the craziness of the holidays is over, I find I start getting so many ideas going on in my head for the new year.  I work on business and marketing plans.  I start planning projects around the home, races I want to run,  books I want to read, things we want to do and places we hope to go.  I really do love this time of year because I find that I really need this time to hibernate a bit so I can decompress and start to get geared up for a new year.

One project that I definitely want to to tackle is getting more focus on personal photography projects and remembering why I started my hobby in the first place.  So this year I am joining a blog circle with some amazingly talented photographers.  On the 10th of each month, we will be writing a blog post that includes 10 photos of our choice.  At the end of my post, you will find a link to another photographer in our circle.  And I encourage you follow the links through the circle of posts.  I promise you will not be disappointed.

Today was a snow day - our second in January.  I started out my photography obsession by taking thousands and thousands of pictures of my kiddos.  I would drag them to new locations, try out new techniques, lenses, lighting equipment.  I had so much coming up with session ideas with them and, of course, cherished the photos so much.  But as they get older and busier with school and activities, it gets harder and harder to find time to shoot for myself.  Luckily, with a snow day and a burst of motivation, today was the day.  And my dear 13 yo daughter agreed to join me in the woods for a wintery session on a 10 degree day!!

I love winter portraits, but it usually isn't a ideal time of year for outdoor portraits for most clients.  But it is so beautiful.  And I do have give my daughter huge kudos for agreeing to wear clothing that may not have been the warmest option, but definitely worked better for the portraits (oh the trials and tribulations of model life).

Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0046Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0038 Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0039Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0041Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0042Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0043Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0044Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0045

And definitely my favorite shot of the afternoon!!!



If you are interested in scheduling a winter session, please call or email!



For local clients, I do offer 30 minute mini sessions year round which is actually perfect for this time of year when being outdoors for longer than 30 minutes isn't always so comfortable.   And even though we are really just starting the winter weather season, spring will be here in only a few months.  So if you are interested in scheduling a session to take advantage of the spring flowers and greenery,  I do encourage you to contact me soon as 2015 is already proving to be quite a busy one!!!

Now to continue on with reading the next blog post in our circle, please visit the website of Shannon Banal, a custom children and family photographer from Vancouver BC!  

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