A flashback to warmer days….| Oil City, Pennsylvania Child Photography

This session is the example of a little "sleight of hand". To celebrate my friend's youngest munchkin's second birthday, we took these two little sweeties to the local park for a little mini morning session.  It was cloudy and WARM and….buggy.  Holy cow.  The bugs on a warm and muggy morning were INSANE this year.  (As an aside, as much as I am ready for warm temperatures and sunshine, I am NOT looking forward to the yearly gnats coming back.  ARGHHH!!!)

I was actually pretty excited as the misty morning made the backdrop so beautiful.  Problem was…the youngest is 2.  And if you are a mom, you probably know what I mean.  You can have all the stars align, and your 2 year old may decide she is "just not into it".

This munchkin was not very happy.  She didn't want anything to do with a morning photo session.  She didn't want to spend one minute standing anywhere other her mom's arms.  But surprisingly…I don't think you can even tell.  Thanks to the ability to do a lot of continuous shooting, a lot of distracting, and a lot of changes of scenery….I was able to catch enough moments where you can't even tell she wasn't in the most chipper of moods.

And luckily she also has a beautiful older sister who was more than willing to take the spotlight while she took a "time out".

Now onto the photos….and, actually, even in spite of the bugs…I do miss these days so much right now!!!!

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