10 on 10 - the April Edition! | What Should I Wear???

So I missed last month…..:(((  But I am jumping back in for the 10 on 10 project I am working on with a group of wonderfully talented photographers.  Each month, we write a blog post that includes 10 images.  The images and the topic can be pretty much anything we want so it is really a fun way to blog something a little different every once in a while.  This month I am doing a "What Should I Wear???" post…..something I have thought about doing for a while now.

As this weather starts to improve, it is time to start thinking about a new portrait session!  Whether that is a mini session to get a few new portraits of your growing family.  Or whether you haven't had a family portrait in YEARS and would love to get everyone together for a big extended family photo.  Or maybe it is time for senior portraits? 

Whatever the reason, one of the first questions I get after we decide on a day/time and location is "What should I wear??".  

I always give my clients a detailed "What to Wear" guide which is helpful in explaining what outfits/accessories work best and why.  But it is also nice to to see some examples illustrating why, taking a little time to choose the best outfits can really turn a basic photo into something beautiful and something you will want to display on your wall for years to come.

The first thing I tell my clients is to consider your session location.  If you are going to be doing the session in a field, or along a creek, then a fancy dress and 3" spike heels may not work the best.  In that case, maybe cute jeans, a jacket/scarf and boots and may look great.  But if your session is going to be downtown and down a cool alleyway, then by all means, rock out that dress and heels!

I also recommend that clients consider the colors of their locations and the colors of the season.  Spring is often filled with pinks and whites and soft greens and yellows.  While fall is filled with warm yellows and reds and browns.  Choose clothing that coordinates with the backdrop so you don't look like a mess of color mistakes.  

Lastly, I also advise clients to choose clothing that makes them feel amazing and beautiful.  Because that will show in your images.  When you feel amazing, you stand straighter, smile more naturally and just ooze confidence.  And that can make all the difference in the world.

Oh - and one other thing I want to mention - when it comes to family photos, there is really no need to match.  I much prefer coordinating styles and colors.  You don't walk around town in identical clothing (usually) so let your portraits show your individuality as well.  

Now onto my 10 images from past clients showing how beautiful the right clothing and colors can look!  

And please visit the lovely and talented Janet Miller, Aurora newborn and family photographer, next to see what she has up this month!