Winter wonderland! | Franklin, Pennsylvania Engagement Photography

I often get clients who express that they would love a session in the snow.  Problem is, it is hard to plan around weather forecasts.  And when you are talking about snow you are also talking about possible COLD.  And that cold can be bitter.  And it can be windy.  And sometimes, it can be just downright miserable!

But for Kaitlyn and Travis the stars truly aligned.  We planned a session for a Sunday morning in early March.  We hoped the ground would be white.  We hoped it wouldn't be too cold.  And we hoped the lake would still be frozen so we could do some of the session ON the lake.

And low and behold….it was snowy (and beautiful!)!  And not-so-cold!!  And not windy!!!!  And we had a frozen lake!  PERFECTION!!!

Thank you so much Kaitlyn and Travis!!  It was so much fun working with you and I am looking forward to your wedding in September!

Now onto the photos!!!