June 10 on 10 | The start of something summer-like!

Another month and another installment of "10 on 10"!  This is a project where a group of photographers each write a blog post on the 10th of the month featuring 10 images.  Other than that, there are no rules!

This month is the start of something pretty amazing.....SUMMER VACATION!!!!!  And I now have 3 kids (and one husband) home for the next 2+ months.  Yeah.  

But seriously, I am excited.  I hope this summer will be more relaxed, less scheduled, less pressure TO. DO. IT. ALL.  All I want is more relaxing afternoons by the pool.  More kayak floats down the river.  More warm evenings enjoying dinner on the deck.  And  few more days sitting on a beach, whether that is locally or on the ocean, I am not picky.

I also have tried (and failed) at so many photography projects that I decided I needed to try another one!  This one is a little less of a commitment - A photo a day for the summer!  I would love to document all our summer days so we can remember the hot days, the cold days, the rainy days and every other day.  My kiddos really only have a few short years left actually being home with me all summer and I don't want to forget a minute.

So this month I am just sharing some of my favorite daily summer photos so far.  We actually only have had four full summer vacation days so far, but here is a glimpse of some of my favs.  Some include some glimpses of our summer-life so far, and others just include one of my favorite obsessions....rain drops.  

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