Lauren and Scott - The Wedding! | Clarion Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

Well, hello there!  It has been just a little (cough, cough) while since I last visited this space… I guess I have a hard time putting blogging in my list of priorities when I have so much other STUFF (namely  -  editing, editing and MORE editing) going on!  

But now that we are in the midst of winter and things are a bit quieter, I can finally get around to blogging some, if not ALL, of the amazing sessions I have had over the last many months!

First up is the beautiful wedding of Lauren and Scott!!

Lauren and Scott were married on a VERY rainy June afternoon.  The ceremony was at the First Presbyterian Church in Clarion, PA.  The amazing thing about this fact was that this was where Lauren's parents were married!!!!  How sweet is that!?  

In spite of the rain, we were able to get some outdoor photos around the church (thank goodness for big umbrellas and old church alcoves!).  

We also stopped by Clarion High School to get a couple shots outside the school.  Lauren and Scott were high school sweethearts and wanted to get some photos outside of the place where it all began.  Again - how SWEET!!!

And we ended the day with a reception at the Antler Club of Lucinda.

All in all, it was a perfect day filled with genuine love and lots of wonderful family and friends.  It was so much fun and such an honor to be a part of this event.  Thank you all so much!

Now onto the photos!!!