I guess as we are in the start of a new year, it is about time to at least check in.  I feel like I have been oh-so-quiet here in the last months.  Way quieter than I hoped I would be.

Life in 2016 was crazy.  And really awful.  And sometimes not-so-awful. And, sometimes, it was just pretty damn amazing.

We started the year with a fairly non-eventful few months consumed mostly with kids and swim team and cheerleading and, then.....PLANNING.

Early summer was when we took a big break in the summer and embarked on our crazy, fun and amazing (and sometimes frustrating!), month-long cross country RV trip.  When we returned and got back to the routine and I was back to shooting families, seniors, weddings, newborns...... and then things got turned upside down.

Funny how life does that.  

So in the middle of my crazy fall season we got a couple kicks to the core and although I kept my business going by shooting and working with some amazing clients, I pretty much couldn't do anything more than shoot, a sneak peek or two and tackle editing.  The rest of my time was just focused on family.

I haven't blogged in MONTHS.  I haven't shared more personal work of which I have a BOATLOAD, and I just have been feeling - for a while -  like I have been barely keep my head above water.  I hate that feeling and I am just oh-so-tired of struggling.

I have recently come the realization that I need "me" time.  And I actually hate that term.  But I guess what I mean is that I need to walk away from anything I don't NEED to do right now and just "be" a bit more.  

So my plan now is to pull back a bit and only shoot a very limited number of clients in the next few months.  Of course, this is always a slow time of year as it is, but I do plan on focusing to make sure it stays very slow.  And that plan just feels so freeing right now and SO needed right now.

On the plus side, being slow will allow me to finally have time to share more images, blog ALL the amazing sessions I had from last year, and share a lot of personal work.  And hopefully I can have the opportunity to be a LOT less quiet!!!

So here's to a [hopefully] VERY uneventful 2017!!!   And what's a blog post without a photo?