Brittany and Brandon! | Presque Isle State Park Engagement Photography

Well, it has been quite a while since I have blogged but finally things are settling down after my crazy summer, and I have been slowly getting back into the groove.

I am so excited to share this engagement session.  And one thing I really love being a photographer is when I start to get clients who are friends and relatives of past clients!  

Brittany is a super sweet girl who I have known for a while now as my husband was her high school swim coach back in the day.  She is also very good friends with a few of my past brides.  Brandon is the brother of a past client who I have done family/engagement AND wedding photos for.  This is definitely a couple who comes from two great families and are just down-to-earth good people.  And I can't wait to shoot their wedding this fall!!!

But first, their engagement session.  

When I was chatting with Brittany about where to do the session, we discussed the usual locations in our local area but I mentioned that I love to do engagement sessions at a location that may have some personal significance to the couple.....such as where they got engaged.  Brittany said "well we got engaged up in Erie at Presque Isle".  And I said.....PERFECT!  

As a former Erie-ite,  Presque Isle is one of my favorite places.  And I am always eager for an opportunity to make the trip up there.  

We met on the evening of Mother's Day.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We started at Perry's Monument (the actually location of the proposal).  And we ended at the beach as the sun was setting.  


Thank you both so much!  Can't wait for November!!!!!!