Fall family on the farm! | Foxburg Pennsylvania family photography

When I initially chatted with this beautiful mom about setting up a family session, she said she really wanted to take advantage of the fall colors.  So I suggested early October, which is USUALLY when everything is amazingly bright and beautiful.  And then she said she was working on getting permission to do the session at a gorgeous location.  This really had all the ingredients for the most perfect fall photography session!

Well....as they say....the best laid plans......

It ended up being a very green weekend as our fall colors were much later than usual.  And the day that we scheduled ended up with impending rain!  And with busy schedules on both ends....trying to reschedule quickly is next to impossible.  So we crossed fingers and hoped for the best.

Well, things started off perfectly....until we got about 15 minutes of shooting in and then there was rain.  And more rain.  And still more rain.  And not just a little rain...it was a literal downpour.  So we tried to continue the session by using overhangs working around the weather.  Fortunately, by the end of the session, we finally saw some sun and finished our beautiful session.  

In spite of the challenges, this was still one of my most favorite fall sessions!  Thank you all so much!