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A sweet fall family session | Beaver county, Pennsylvania family photography

Oh my…what can I say….this was an AMAZING family session at Economy Park in Beaver County PA.  This little one year old munchkin had a little rough start in life as she arrived a little earlier than expected, but she has grown and thrived and is so blessed to have parents who are OVER THE TOP in love with her. She was absolutely one of the most adorable, sweet and happy little one year olds I ever met.  I often tell parents that little ones at this age do get tired so quickly and I do expect it.  But this little one was happy and easy the ENTIRE time.  Usually I let the little ones dictate when the session is over.  But this time, I finally decided we had plenty of great shots.  I think she could have kept going for a while longer.

We met on a fall morning that had a little chance of rain.  I was a little worried.  In fact, it started raining as I drove to the session (and yes, I may have been checking my weather channel app a little more than a few times as I was on my way!!!).  But as I got closer the  rain stopped and it ended up being a perfect fall day complete with gorgeous fall colors and mild temperatures.

Thank you SO much Danielle, Shalyn and (especially) little sweet Nora.  It was so nice meeting and working with you all!!!  You are definitely clients who make my job very easy!

Now onto the photos!!!!!  Oh…and don't you love this hat??

Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0132Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0133Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0134Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0135Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0142Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0137Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0147 Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0138Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0143Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0144Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0145 Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0140 Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0141Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0146

Pure and Sweet | Beaver County Newborn Photography

Awww.  I mean…just….AWWW! I love newborns.  I love photographing newborns.  And I love photographing newborns with their oh-so-adorable siblings!

I met Kelly and her two sweetie-pies on a cold January morning.  But it was warm and toasty inside.  And we had a great time.

Thank you all so much.  It was such an honor to do your newborn portraits!!!!! Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0001 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0002 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0003 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0004 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0005 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0006 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0007 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0008

The 'H' Family!!! | Beaver County Pennsylvania Family Photography

. After one reschedule due to bad weather, and a last minute decision to change locations.... I finally was able to meet with the "H" family this September for a beautiful family session!  And it ended up being the absolutely most perfect day!

I met the "H" family at Economy Park in Beaver County Pennsylvania.  It is a small little park, but it has all the ingredients for a perfect backdrop - great trees, beautiful fields and AMAZING light!

I absolutely LOVE meeting and working (and chatting!!!) with new families.  And this family was definitely NO exception!  They were so much fun and their little Anna was just a doll.

I loved all the sweet and genuine interactions between mom, dad and their little one.  [If you can't tell.....] My favorite type of shots are the ones when I feel like I am just peeking in on a sweet family moment - one that is completely natural and authentic.  To me, those are the images and moments you will cherish for many MANY years to come.

And I think we got a lot of those!  I had so many absolute favs from this session that I have to share a bit more than usual!!!

Thank you all so much!!  It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you all!!!!