OIl City

A Downtown Senior Session | Oil City, Pennsylvania Photographer

I just love urban sessions - especially in a town with some beautiful old Victorian architecture!  

I met Cole in downtown Oil CIty by the historical Transit Building.  It was a mild and overcast day, but the light was just perfect for an urban session.  We made our way around the transit building and then went indoors to find some cool nooks in some of the vacant rooms.  I had such a great time exploring the buildings and thought the location fit Cole's personality to a T!

Thank you all so much!!

Another wonderful fall family! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Family Photography

This fall I met the G family for another adorable family session.  This is the fourth time I have worked with this family.  One of the best parts of my job, in addition to meeting such great people, is to also get the opportunity to actually watch their little ones grow up!  

We scheduled this session fairly late in the fall season, and I was a little worried that the weather wouldn't cooperate, or the fall colors would be way past their peak.  But, other than the fact it was a bit colder than we hoped, it was beautiful. 

Thank you all so much for choosing me again for your family portraits.  It truly is SUCH a honor and privilege!  

Onto the photos!!

A flashback to warmer days….| Oil City, Pennsylvania Child Photography

This session is the example of a little "sleight of hand". To celebrate my friend's youngest munchkin's second birthday, we took these two little sweeties to the local park for a little mini morning session.  It was cloudy and WARM and….buggy.  Holy cow.  The bugs on a warm and muggy morning were INSANE this year.  (As an aside, as much as I am ready for warm temperatures and sunshine, I am NOT looking forward to the yearly gnats coming back.  ARGHHH!!!)

I was actually pretty excited as the misty morning made the backdrop so beautiful.  Problem was…the youngest is 2.  And if you are a mom, you probably know what I mean.  You can have all the stars align, and your 2 year old may decide she is "just not into it".

This munchkin was not very happy.  She didn't want anything to do with a morning photo session.  She didn't want to spend one minute standing anywhere other her mom's arms.  But surprisingly…I don't think you can even tell.  Thanks to the ability to do a lot of continuous shooting, a lot of distracting, and a lot of changes of scenery….I was able to catch enough moments where you can't even tell she wasn't in the most chipper of moods.

And luckily she also has a beautiful older sister who was more than willing to take the spotlight while she took a "time out".

Now onto the photos….and, actually, even in spite of the bugs…I do miss these days so much right now!!!!

Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0148 Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0149Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0157Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0150Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0158Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0153Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0152Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0159Irene-Smith-Photography-Franklin-Oil-City-Pennsylvania_0154