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Sweet newborn girl! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I adore newborns and adore newborn sessions!  Over the years though, I have moved away from posed newborn sessions with props and tons of blankets and backdrops, to a more natural type session.   I love capturing the love and sweetness (and usually a touch of chaos) that comes when you add a newborn to your family.

This session was one of my absolute favorites.  Kaleigh and her family were sweet and so much fun and I really felt honored to be able to spend a morning with them all to celebrate the arrival of their sweet little girl.  

Thank you all so much!

Family love! | Oil City Pennsylvania family photography

I just LOVE doing extended family sessions!  I think it is so sweet - and so important - for an entire family to get together for an opportunity to show exactly what their entire family looks like, together, at this moment.   I mean, who doesn't love to find a huge group photo from your own parents or grandparents time?  

And how cool is it to sit down and go over who everyone is and how old they were - and "OMG!  Look at those glasses!  Look at that outfit!  Doesn't Bobby look exactly like Uncle Charlie did when he was young??!!" etc etc.  Those are definitely the images that will be cherished for many generations to come.

I met Emily and her family for their extended family session at beautiful Morrison Park in Seneca, PA.  It was a perfect evening - warm and beautiful with just a touch of sunshine.  And it was so fun meeting them all - from the loving matriarch and patriarch - to the adorable little and crazy grandchildren.  I just love seeing all the unique personalities of the little ones - from the little boys who have no interest whatsoever, to the little girls who love the opportunity to "flaunt their stuff!".  They are ALL just so much fun!!!

Thank you all so much! Now onto the photos!

Another wonderful fall family! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Family Photography

This fall I met the G family for another adorable family session.  This is the fourth time I have worked with this family.  One of the best parts of my job, in addition to meeting such great people, is to also get the opportunity to actually watch their little ones grow up!  

We scheduled this session fairly late in the fall season, and I was a little worried that the weather wouldn't cooperate, or the fall colors would be way past their peak.  But, other than the fact it was a bit colder than we hoped, it was beautiful. 

Thank you all so much for choosing me again for your family portraits.  It truly is SUCH a honor and privilege!  

Onto the photos!!