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A Saturday Morning | Lifestyle family photography

Last fall I spent a cold (and first snowy day!) of the season meeting this family.  Mom just wanted a simple indoor session of her sweet little girls in their own little world complete with pjs, fuzzy slippers, book reading and bed jumping!  And I thought that sounded pretty much PERFECT!  

These two girls are also getting ready to welcome a new baby sister to the family soon so we spent some time hanging out in the new nursery.  

I just love these types of sessions as they are so much fun for EVERYONE...especially the kiddos!  I know that most (all?) little munchkins usually are fine during a typical photo session for, well...5 minutes?  HA!  But honestly, getting the littlest kiddos to cooperate and be happy during a session is often really hard. However, with a lifestyle session, the kids get to...just BE A KID! 

But onto the photos!  

Another wonderful family session! | Mars, Pennsylvania Family Photography

Well, I feel like I have really been off the radar lately.  I can't believe I am already facing the last few days of summer vacation.  I swear the last day of school was just a couple weeks ago!!!  It just makes me so sad because I hate to even think about how quickly my own kids are growing up.  There HAS to be a way to slow down this crazy ride!!!  

Speaking of growing up.... I just love working with repeat clients and having the honor of watching and documenting their little ones as they grow up!  I have worked with this sweet family a few times now and they never disappoint.  They are a family who is honestly and completely in love.  Their kids are crazy and fun!  And I always have so much fun seeing them all!

We did this session during one of the first nice spurts of weather in late April.  We worried a bit about whether the weather would cooperate - and it ended up being just perfect.

Thank you so much Jen, Mike and all the kiddos!!!!  

Now onto the photos!

A sweet fall family session | Beaver county, Pennsylvania family photography

Oh my…what can I say….this was an AMAZING family session at Economy Park in Beaver County PA.  This little one year old munchkin had a little rough start in life as she arrived a little earlier than expected, but she has grown and thrived and is so blessed to have parents who are OVER THE TOP in love with her. She was absolutely one of the most adorable, sweet and happy little one year olds I ever met.  I often tell parents that little ones at this age do get tired so quickly and I do expect it.  But this little one was happy and easy the ENTIRE time.  Usually I let the little ones dictate when the session is over.  But this time, I finally decided we had plenty of great shots.  I think she could have kept going for a while longer.

We met on a fall morning that had a little chance of rain.  I was a little worried.  In fact, it started raining as I drove to the session (and yes, I may have been checking my weather channel app a little more than a few times as I was on my way!!!).  But as I got closer the  rain stopped and it ended up being a perfect fall day complete with gorgeous fall colors and mild temperatures.

Thank you SO much Danielle, Shalyn and (especially) little sweet Nora.  It was so nice meeting and working with you all!!!  You are definitely clients who make my job very easy!

Now onto the photos!!!!!  Oh…and don't you love this hat??

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