Pittsburgh area photography

The wedding of Michele and Richard! | North Park Pennsylvania Wedding

I met with Michele and Richard last year and they discussed their wedding which was scheduled in April.  It sounded so sweet - simple, small, intimate...perfect.  They really hoped that they would be able to have the ceremony outdoors.  The wedding was taking place at Pittsburgh's beautiful North Park.   And they planned a small outdoor ceremony, pictures throughout the park, and then a reception at the North Park Lodge.

Unfortunately, mother nature had another plan.  

Instead of a beautiful spring day....we had SNOW.  And coming from the north I actually had a LOT of snow and was a little nervous during the drive down!  Crazy!  

Luckily, the snow wasn't really an issue and quickly melted, but the temps were so bitterly cold that everything was moved to the indoors.  But Michele and Richard and their friends and family were really good sports and everyone was more than willing to at least get outside for some portraits and still take advantage of the beautiful park.

And, in spite of the frigid weather, it was a beautiful wedding, a wonderful reception, and ended with a GORGEOUS sunset.

Thank you so much Michele and Richard!  

A six-month old sweetie! | Mars, Pennsylvania Child and Family Photography

Wow - in the craziness of life, I can NOT believe I never blogged this session!!!!!  I am so ashamed…HA! But seriously, this was a wonderful summer session with a great family that I have worked with a few times now.  They have 2 very active little boys, and last year they welcomed in a little girl to the family.

I met this family at their home in Mars, Pennsylvania.  We stayed close to home for the session because it was starting to spit a little rain.  But even at a little park in their neighborhood, we found a pretty little niche for some adorable family portraits.

Thank you so much Jen and Mike for choosing me to photograph your adorable little munchkins!  It was a pleasure as usual!

Now onto the photos!!!!!

Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0001 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0002 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0003 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0004 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0005 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0006 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0007 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0012Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0008 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0009 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0010 Cranberry-Mars-Pennsylvania-Child-Family-Photography_0011

Pure and Sweet | Beaver County Newborn Photography

Awww.  I mean…just….AWWW! I love newborns.  I love photographing newborns.  And I love photographing newborns with their oh-so-adorable siblings!

I met Kelly and her two sweetie-pies on a cold January morning.  But it was warm and toasty inside.  And we had a great time.

Thank you all so much.  It was such an honor to do your newborn portraits!!!!! Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0001 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0002 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0003 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0004 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0005 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0006 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0007 Beaver-Cranberry-Pennsylvania-Newborn-Child-Photography_0008