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Happy Birthday Miss Molly! | Clarion, Pennsylvania Child Photography

This spring I had the privilege to spend a morning with this little munchkin and her family.  I met this one about a year ago when I took her newborn portraits....and, in the blink of an eye, she is suddenly ONE.  

This session actually took place ON her first birthday so it was extra special.  I just love first year portraits.  The little ones are usually not too mobile so they don't run away from you, and usually you can coax some adorable expressions with just a bit of goofiness.  

Miss Molly was a little wary of me at first, but she was sweet and (mostly) happy and eventually warmed up a bit especially when she heard there was CAKE TO BE HAD!  Yes, we ended the session with a cake smash with the most beautiful smash cake and props provided by mom.

Oh - and I should add, big news in this family....Miss Molly is going to be joined by a little brother or sister by the end of the year!!  So that is VERY exciting indeed!

Thank you all so much for choosing me again for your family portraits!!!!  

Now onto the photos!

An extended family session on the Allegheny River!

I just love big family sessions!!!  I think, next to wedding photos, these are some of the most cherished photos we have.  I know, with my own family, that the opportunities to get EVERYONE together, somewhat cleaned up, and willing [dragged] to gather for one big family portrait is something that doesn't happen very often.  So when it does, when all the stars align....we celebrate.  These are definitely not every day occasions, they are "once every few years" occasions.

Kate contacted me because her entire family was going to be at her parent's cottage by the river for Memorial Day weekend.  They really wanted to take an opportunity to capture these days.  So I met them at their cottage on a [hot!] Saturday morning. They made my job very easy - with such a beautiful family on a perfect day with an amazing backdrop?  You just can't go wrong.

On a sad note, the family wanted to take a few moments to remember a dear family member they lost too soon.  It was such a sweet moment and, I have to admit, I had a hard time seeing through my lens due to my own tears.

Thank you so much Kate and thanks to all your family.  It was such a pleasure meeting and working with you all!

Harper is ONE! | Franklin, PA Child Photography

I met sweet Harper on one of the ONLY frigid days this winter.  She was about to turn one and mom wanted to get some pics of her and her family before the big first birthday party.  As with most munchkins on a photo session day....she didn't nap.  I don't know HOW kiddos at this age can sense that mom and dad have something planned, but they do.  And they rarely nap on those days.  

But this little one was still so happy and you would never know she was missing a nap (nothing like my kids!!!).  We spent some time getting some shots in her adorable little tutu, then got some family shots until we moved into the cake smash.  The cake smash went very well...until we encouraged a little "smash of the cake" and then the tired little girl let the tears flow.  

I had such a great time meeting such a sweet family - thank you Jess and Andy!  

And onto the photos!