And it just keeps getting BETTER!

Well we are on day #19 (or 20?) and we are leaving the beautiful state of Idaho and heading into Montana.  

I am UBER excited for Montana as it is a state I have always wanted to see.  I am not sure exactly why, but it just seems like a quiet and beautiful place to be.  It also doesn't seem to be as popular as states and parks in Colorado and Utah, and I definitely much prefer quiet and peacefulness.  It also may have to do with the fact that I also absolutely loved the movie The Horse Whisperer which was filmed in southern Montana and thought that the location looked heavenly.

But first back to idaho.  Since we have had pretty much NO plan and NO reservations during this trip, we have been finding campgrounds on the fly.  That has worked out pretty well, but when we are traveling into areas that are popular destinations, we are finding we have to camp a ways a way and take longer day trips to our final destination.  

So our first plan in Idaho was to take a day trip to the Grand Tetons.  Grand Teton National Park was about 90 miles from our campground.  It was a little bit of a drive, but it was definitely a beautiful drive!  I never realized how gorgeous the Idaho countryside is!  

And then we started making our way through the Teton pass and into the Jackson Hole area.  With long 10% grades, and very windy roads, I can't imagine driving through there with an RV (and we definitely saw many doing just that!).  

The entire area of Jackson Hole, Teton Village and Grand Teton National Park is one of the most beautiful areas I have ever seen.  I think we were really starting to regret our aggressive trip schedule and wish that we could have spent a week right there.  The views were absolutely spectacular.  And we all SO wished we had our kayaks and lots of time to just sit and relax and enjoy the area.  

Again - I just could NOT stop taking pictures!!!! We saw a mama moose and her (about) 3 week old baby.  We saw lots of bison.  And we saw snow capped mountains with crystal lakes.  The photographer in me REALLY wished I could be there early in the day or late in the evening to really capture those vistas in perfect lighting.  

After a day of exploring the park as much as we could, we made our way into Jackson Hole for some dinner.  It was, again, a disappointment that we didn't have much time so we couldn't walk around and explore as much as we would have liked.  So we settled for dinner, a quick walk around a few blocks, and then another 90 mile drive back through the pass and onto the campground.

The next day was a day off and my youngest's birthday.  She wanted bagels at Panera Bread so we took her out for lunch, did a little shopping and spent the rest of the day poolside.  

I have to say, the kids are REALLY having a blast.  Of course, being in small quarters and being a bit sleep deprived after late nights and early mornings and LOTSO activity in between, you can expect the occasional squabble.  But all in all, it has been a fairly peaceful and very fun trip.  The kids love all the sights, but they also really love downtime and poolside days.  And we have been getting a good mix of both.

So we are heading into what we think is our last week on the road.  We plan to stay in Montana for a little while and go into Yellowstone this weekend.  After that we are thinking maybe Mount Rushmore and then a trek home.  

I have been enjoying this so much, although I have had my moments of stressing over how much money we are spending.  I know this is an experience we will never forget.  But our kids are getting a little worried too as Christina asked me the other day:

"Mom?  Are we going to be broke when get home?"

HAHA!  No, not quite.  But we will probably be a lot more frugal for a while and spend a lot more time sitting at home over the next few months.   

One other personal observation - I am NOT going to miss all the storage door, slideouts and ledges on this rig.....I can not tell you how many times I have cracked my head....HARD...during this trip.  I think I have three good goose eggs right now and will be surprised if I don't come home with a full blown concussion.

Until next time!!