Things are cooling down

Well we are more than halfway through this adventure! It has been sort of odd - after about 5 days of traveling I felt a bit homesick.  But now that we are on day (16?) I feel actually less eager to get home.  I have always been a bit of a homebody.  And I still am a bit.  But I am definitely starting to really get why so many people find the RV lifestyle so appealing.  I love having my "home" with me all the time.  I love that it takes about an hour to do a complete clean.  And I love that I open my door to completely new views and landscapes any time I want!

But here is our travel loop  - with all our stops - so far - and WOW!  I can't believe we have been so far!!!

So the last time I checked in we were leaving southern Utah.  Wow.  That place it H.O.T.  I did find so much of so beautiful.  But if it definitely not a place I would want to make a permanent homestead.  I guess I just don't find a location appealing that A/C is almost an absolute necessity to survive.  And when daytime temps are almost 120 and it has lows STILL in the triple digits?  


After leaving Hurricane Utah, we had a really simple and easy trip up to Salt Lake City, Utah.  The only real reason for that location was that it was a large city and we had a generator that wasn't working well.  And SLC had an RV dealer that was willing to look at our rig on Monday morning.  So off we went!

We stayed at a KOA.  It was actually our first KOA of the trip.  

I can see the appeal of the KOA, as the kids did love having a pool and a ton of other kids around.  But I can also see why some people avoid them.  They are quite the happening place and the pool was a veritable aquatic version of Chuck E Cheese all day and night.  It was fun for the kids but I spent a lot of time swearing that some major kid-injuries were going to happen at any moment.

The full day we were there we took in the rig to Legacy RV.  I have to mention their name because they were AWESOME.  They spent some time looking over our generator and actually weren't even able to duplicate the problem (of course).  But they made an educated guess that it probably was the fuel pump.  They ended up replacing the pump and our original dealer in Northeast (Wakley RV - who also deserves a HUGE shout out for being amazing) agreed to pay for the whole thing.  

The next day we packed up and headed into Idaho.

 And we are currently spending a few days in Idaho Falls.  We have to say, the weather is AMAZINGLY better here with temps in the 80s at night and 50s (and COLDER - 40s??) at night!  Such a nice chance from the crazy southwest. 

Tomorrow we hope to tour the Grand Tetons before making our way north and seeing Big Sky Country....a.k.a. the state of Montana and spending some time in Yellowstone.  We can not WAIT to see that park and all the wildlife!!!

It is crazy to think that we are also now starting to plan our trek home.  And it is very crazy to think that that fact we are going home is making feel a tad sad.  I always thought I would be more than anxious to get back to the homestead.  And while I really am, it is definitely tinged with a bit of sadness that this trip that was planned for MONTHS AND MONTHS, is coming to an end.

And we are also starting to even talk about "where should we go next year???"