Megan and Bryan - the wedding!! | Venango County Pennsylvania photographer


Megan and Bryan were married on [what we thought] was one of the hottest days of the year.  (Although we are now in the midst of an official "heat warning" which, IMO, is pretty damn alright with me!  We've had way too many cold and rainy summers lately, but, I digress.....)

Megan looked absolutely fabulous!  And Bryan didn't look too bad himself!  Beautiful couple!!

I met them at the church as we planned on doing the majority of the bride/groom photos and bridal party photos before the wedding.  I actually think this is a wonderful idea.  It is really nice when the wedding is over and the bride and groom can actually spend the time greeting their guests and can arrive at their reception shortly after the guests have settled in. 

The only little problem with our pre-wedding photo plan was the heat.  The poor bride and groom and their attendants were quite overheated and uncomfortable during their portraits.  And we had hoped to get some portraits at another location, but when the time came, no one was interested in extending the outdoor portraits any longer than absolutely necessary.  Luckily, the church they were married at had beautiful grounds so we took advantage of that and were able to get quite a few beautiful photos!!!

Onto the photos!!!!


 Thank you so much Megan and Bryan!  I wish you many many years of happiness!!!

And if you want to see a few more pictures from the day, please head over to my Facebook Page!!