Mommy and Me Mini Sessions! | Oil City, Pennsylvania Family Photographer

. What a wonderful month of April it was.  Well, yes, other than the fact that it rained about 99.99% of the month.  And the fact that many of us were considering stocking up on supplies to start building our arks.  But as they say "April showers bring May flowers".  And the rain finally did stop and wasn't May really was an insanely gorgeous month?  My flowers never looked more amazing than they did this season.

This April was also the first time I offered "Mommy and Me" mini sessions.  I know, as a mom, how few pictures I am actually in.  So, in honor of the upcoming Mother's Day, and in an attempt to encourage more moms to stop making excuses and jump in FRONT of the camera for a change, I set up a day dedicated just to moms and their little (or bigger!) ones.

I was a little nervous after I scheduled the day, as the weather was just so cold and rainy all month and I thought for sure we would be rained out.  And due to a few scheduling difficulties, I ended up scheduling the mini sessions on four separate days.  Interestingly enough.....those four separate days of sessions all ended up being during the few short hours of beautiful weather we actually had in April!!!!  Coincidence?   I would like to think it was the "luck of Irene", but most likely not.

I had such a great time with all the moms and their little ones.  I had some moms with little ones, some with bigger ones and even one group with 3 generations of moms!!!  I enjoyed meeting everyone and loved all the amazing "mommy and me" moments that I was able to capture.  Now I need to heed my own advice get out from behind my camera!!

Onto some of the many beautiful pictures!!!!


Thank you all so much!!!!!  And yes, I will (God willing) be doing this again next year!