Living in the Moment - December!

Wow.  December!  You came so fast, with so much anticipation, so much excitement!!!!  And we are coming to a close already. Every month, I am SO thankful for my "photo of the day" project.  Life is just so crazy, if I don't force myself to stop and pay attention to these moments, they will definitely slip by unnoticed!  And it if wasn't for this wonderful project with an amazing group of photographers - I would never actually take the time to go through and share all my "moments"!!!!

I had hoped that December would give me a little break to stop and relax, but who am I kidding!?  This is one of the busiest months of the year on all fronts!  It was GO GO GO from beginning to end!  And I loved every little tiny moment!  And right now, I am looking forward to the uneventful months of January and February (yeah, remind me of that statement when I am going through my annual blah-fest in February..).

We started off with blue skies and ended with lots and lots of beautiful white stuff!  And in between we had a little holiday we call Christmas!

But as we speak..... I am enjoying the end of the year in a quite little house in the woods.  The hubby and the girls and I are spending a very quiet weekend just relaxing - a little hiking, some family time doing pretty much a lot of nothing, sitting by the fire with no internet and no cell service.   A perfect end to a (sometimes) not-so-perfect year.

But let's get on to the December moments!!!!

We had nice tree climbing weather!!!  My little munchkin loves to be outside and will drop her school bag and climb the tree as soon as she gets home.  She sits up their waiting for her best friend in the world (aka - her sister) to come from school.  She is a crazy one - definitely 150% her own person, marching to the beat of her own, very unique drum!

And, the 11 year old on the verge of teen-hood.  It is such a scary place to least for me!  I don't know HOW parents manage through middle school, it just terrifies me!

And it wouldn't be December without our annual Christmas tree expedition!!!!  We have been visiting the same tree farm for 13 years now!  This year my husband almost dropped his teeth when I announced that the second tree we looked at it was "it".  Yeah, usually we have to peruse the majority of the tree farm before making the final decision.  It was quite cold and blustery that afternoon, so everyone was very happy that the decision could be made so quickly and we could get on to more important things....LUNCH!

It was such a beautiful tree....I could not stop taking photos of it!!!

In the midst of the craziness, I actually set up my timer and got some photos with my sweet Caroline!  It was such a quick and completely unplanned little photo shoot, but I am always so happy to capture these moments.  She is such a loving and happy little girl.

We ended the month with lots of snow.  I mean, can you ask for more perfect Christmas weather?  I think not.

Thank you so much for stopping by!  Now please continue on to read through all the participating photographers' blog posts!  Next stop is Jude!!!!

Until next time!!! XOXOXO!!!!