Personal Projects I A Photo a Day

On Labor Day last fall, I took a photo.  It was a plain ole, nothing great, photo.  And then the next day I took another photo.  And then another.  And then another.

About 2 weeks later, I had taken a photo every day and I decided I was on my way to another project 365 - a project where you take a photo every day for one year.  I hate to commit to this project on day one.  I have done that.....too many times to count.....and then fail soon afterwards and always find it so disappointing.  So I refused to even acknowledge I was doing the project, until I actually had a good start on the project.  I guess I am being a bit superstitious.  

The first time I successfully  accomplished this project was a few years back - only missing a couple days here and there.  I found it to be such a rewarding project because since it forces you to shoot every single day.  Really, the only way to improve on a skill is to practice, practice, practice, a project that forces practice no matter what is going on with your life is so beneficial.  Plus it is an AWESOME way to document your life!  

In my own defense, I do take a lot of photos even when I am not actively participating in a project.  But, I find that when I am busy with clients and busy with life, I slack off.  I may go weeks with only shooting clients, and not taking any photos just for me.  And then photography starts to feel like "work", and only work, and no longer fun.   

I love shooting just for me.  I can shoot whatever I want.  I can play with lighting, composition, processing.  I have no pressure.  I don't have to worry that someone may hate what I am doing, because I am not doing it for anyone else but me!

I am about 125 days into my project and still going strong.  I post every single image I shoot on Instagram every day.  Someday (many days!) the images are "eh".  But I don't care because still I love every one.  And since I am a good 1/3 of the way into my project, I thought it was time to share some of my favs.   And if you want to follow all my daily photos, feel free to follow my Instagram feed!