The "F" Family!

I recently, and finally, got to take some photos of the "F" family kids . I happen to know these little munchkins quite well as they are none other than my niece and nephew!!

We met at a local park that I thought would make an amazing backdrop for photos...and I was right! Even in the dead of winter, the park was gorgeous and offered an endless supply of locations for photos. I could have stayed there all day taking photos - although the kids may not have been too keen on that idea.

I, personally, thought the photos were some of my best so far. The lighting was perfect, the backdrops were amazing, and the subjects? Well, check them out for yourself! These are some very photogenic kiddos!!!

I got some great close-ups of each of them:



And then we had to get some photos with the hats on!

We got quite a few nice shots of the kids together:


And we ended the session with a nice kiss from big brother. Although I am not sure little sister was too happy about it.

And, if you want to see all the photos from this great session, click HERE.

Thank you all so much! We are definitely doing this again!!!!