Happy New Year!

I can't believe we are officially in 2010!  Wasn't it just yesterday that we were hoarding canned foods and bottled water in fear of Y2K?????  Well, actually, my husband and I were spending Y2K in a cabin in the woods without a worry in the world.  And the hoarding?  I think we had one bottle of water.  I am not sure what that one bottle was for, it surely wasn't going to help us survive for long - LOL.

But here we are 10 years later! 

Since the start of the new millenium, we built a house (and quickly expanded with a new family room).   

We became parents three times and discovered surprisingly amazing blessings in life as the parents of severely disabled child.

I stepped off my career ladder as a marketing manager and stepped into life as a stay at home in small town USA.

I decided to learn how to use my camera better, and discovered a completely new career that I completely love.

I have never been one to set up New Year resolutions.  However, as we welcome in 2010, I will try to enjoy those little moments in life a little more.  I will try not to stress so much about a messy house, or laundry piling up in the basement.  I will try to remember that my little ones are only little for [what seems like] a split second. 

2010 also brought a tiny miracle to my family when my brother in law welcomed in their adorable little boy just a few days ago.  And there is nothing better in this crazy world than holding and smelling (mmmmm) a brand new life.

Our new nephew!!!!


Happy New Year!!!!!!