Meet Anna - Class of 2011! | Northwest Pennsylvania senior photographer

. Hello?  Anybody out there???

I have been a very bad blogger.  I have so much to share, but have been [happily] very busy with so many sessions that blogging has taken a big back seat.  Everyone loves fall photos, so as we are in the midst of the peak of fall foliage, I have been shooting weddings, kiddos and [lots of!] seniors!

This senior is dear Anna!  I met Anna at her home during the summer.  I made a grand entrance as I drove down her road, realized I just passed her house, hit the brakes and skidding to a stop on the gravel right in front of her and her mom.  Just a little embarrassing, but it was all good.

Anna lives in my dream house!  I had never seen her home before, but when I pulled up I was in awe.  She lives in a beautiful farm house, with big porches, original details perfectly maintained, lots of land - even horses and chickens and sweet kitty cats!  I absolutely LOVED it.

We had the entire session right on the farm as her mom relaxed and read on the porch [bliss!].  Anna was so easy to shoot - perfectly relaxed and just beautiful!

Just take a look!


Thank you all so much!!!!