A wonderful family on a farm! | Grove City Child and Family Photography

OK - this seriously was such a great session.  I mean, I love all my sessions and clients- I truly do.  But sometimes I leave a session with a distinct warm, fuzzy feeling for a sometimes a very personal reason.  And these clients definitely warmed my heart! I met Jodie actually at a wedding I shot earlier this year.  She asked me to come to her farm to take family photos of her family and their adorable little 8 month old - James.  She lives on a farm.  Not just a little farm - a real, 400 acre, working farm that has been in her husband's family for a few generations already.   She lives with her husband and her little boy and her husband's 94 year old grandfather, Carl!

It was a beautiful afternoon and we took photos throughout the farm.  Grandpa was so sweet and sharp as a tack!  I have to say, the highlight of the session was being driven around the farm by Carl, on a John Deere side by side, and hearing about the history of the land.  He was full of interesting stories.  I was quite impressed with his driving skills (he also still drives his car!).

However, what I really kept thinking was that this has to be one of the luckiest grandpas around!  What a way to grow old - watching your great-grandson grow up and being free to roam the land you grew up on!  I have watched a few family members grow old in a nursing home very recently, and, to me, that can be one of the saddest ways to spend your last days.  This is definitely a MUCH better alternative!

Anyway, I was so thrilled to capture these images.  These are definitely times that I would want to remember forever it it were MY family - and I do think (and hope!) young Jimmy will just treasure these photos of his Grandpa as he grows old.

Thank you so much Jodie, Loren and Carl!!!  I really enjoyed meeting and working with you all !!!!!

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