Five people, twelve times...month #7!


Yikes - second post today!  But there is a good reason - by the skin of our teeth I am getting in my monthly family photo!!!!

This month we did the quick and dirty family photo - two kids with hair stiff from swimming in the pool, one dad with his "uniform" of t's and mesh shorts, one Caroline in a T after a long swim in her pool and one mom.   The front porch was the easiest and fastest way to accomplish the family photo.  The above photo is my pick as the best of the bunch and the photo of the month.  Caroline is one who did it for me - I love how she is looking up a Christina wondering what in the heck she is doing.

Here are a couple "rejects":

This was Eric's contribution - have the two girls stand behind us and hold up their arms (??).  Although Caroline's smile is pretty damn cute.


Yeah, that is why I am the photographer of the family.  And then Christina's contribution - bring in the cat!!! (aka Ms. Nugget).


Anyway.....August was a crazy month.   But it is all good.

In our little corner of the world, Eric and the kids took advantage of every last second of summer this month.  They went canoeing, camping, took a trip to the fair, and, of course, spent many MANY hours in the pool.  I joined in, but not as much, since it has been busy in my photography world.   But it worked out well - Eric took the kids for a day of fun and I got some quiet work time without hearing "Mom, I am HUN-GEE!!!!"  or "Mom!!!  Christina (insert the complaint of the day)" or "Mom!!!  Kallie (insert other complaint of the day)"....every 1.4 minutes or so.

Which leads me to my next topic...SCHOOL IS BACK IN SESSION!!!  Whoo HOOOO!!!  Oh, I love being home with my kids, and yes, I love spending time with my kids...but by the end of 3 months of "vacation", it is definitely time for some structure and routine.  Eric started last week, Christina started Monday and Caroline starts tomorrow.  My little Kallie is going to stay in preschool another year since she JUST turned 5 (and I am in no hurry to lose all my kids).  Tomorrow my Kallie and I will celebrate a bit by treating ourselves to lunch out and going on a bit of a shopping trip.  I think I may have a hard time next year when she is off to school full time.  I don't really want to think about it.

Caroline has been doing really well.  She did amazingly well with her horseback riding and has one more day before the end of this session.  I am just amazed at how well she sits and how she really does seem like she knows what she is doing.  It will be nice to have her back in school, she really seems to like it and I think it is SOOO good for her.

Christina is so happy to be back in school.  She was up a hour before she needed to be on the first day all dressed and ready to go.  She leaves every day with a huge smile and gets off the bus with another huge smile.  I just hope her love for school and her friends continues.  She is in 3rd grade now.  She loves to read, she loves athletics and she seems to be able to shrug off "mean people".   Today she was telling us how they started up the kickball games again during recess.  All the boys and my Christina play kickball during recess.  We asked Christina where the girls are and she just said "they watch from the swings".  She has convinced one girl to join in, but the girl isn't too keen on the whole thing so she probably won't continue for long.  I think it is great.    She truly enjoys life and really doesn't care what anyone else thinks about her.  Let's just hope THAT continues too.  We'll see..

Well, it is late and I am exhausted but I refused to miss a month in this project.  I also am participating in Project 365 where I take a photo every day for year.  Unfortunately, I am not doing a great job in that endeavor.

Until next time!