A Sweet Baby Sister! | Mars, Pennsylvania Newborn Photography

Early this year, I had the opportunity to take newborn portraits for the "Z" family!!  I have worked with this family before when I was hired to take 6 month portraits of their (then) littlest boy.  Well, that little boy is now TWO!  (Time flies!) And he is also a proud BIG brother to a new baby sister!!! I have to say, this is one lucky little girl!   With two big brothers, she will be well taken care of.  And she is already quite the easy going munchkin, as she snoozed through most of the session, with two very active big brothers, without batting an eye.

I knew that sibling shots were very important to this mom so that is something I wanted to get done right off the bat.  And I couldn't have been happier.  These probably are some of my favorite sibling shots EVER!  These boys were just SO sweet and just adore their baby sister!!!!


Thank you all so much!  It is such a pleasure and honor to have had the opportunity to work with you again!!!

Until next time!!